What Is the Best Cybersecurity Framework for My Organization?

There is no doubt that in today’s world, any organization should have some level of cybersecurity preparedness. However, there are so many kinds of attacks, networks, systems, setups, and frameworks that the mere thought of preparing an organization can be overwhelming.

What’s more, many companies and small organizations are forgoing cybersecurity measures due to cost and economic uncertainty. The UK Government’s 2023 cybersecurity review found that, despite the increase in attacks and breaches, smaller organizations are spending less on cybersecurity.

This is, in many ways, understandable. Small businesses, for example, have enough to deal with when it comes to increasing rents, inflation, and the typical worries of competing with larger organizations. For many, thinking that they are not likely hacking targets is enough for them to de-prioritize security measures.

Nonetheless, ignoring cybersecurity can be a big mistake. In fact, many smaller organizations and businesses that don’t have a cybersecurity plan might be so hard-hit that they have to shut down after suffering a breach. Imagine you invest a good chunk of your funds on a website, email list, and data that serves as the bedrock of your small business. All of this–that is to say, the heart of your business–could be wiped out overnight by ransomware and other types of breaches. The losses could be irrecoverable and signify the end of your venture.

By this time, you have likely come to the conclusion that a cybersecurity plan for your business or organization is fundamental.

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